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MCA Mandate

MCA General Circular 37/2011 dt 07.06.2011
Filing of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account in eXtensible Business Reporting Language( XBRL) mode.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has made it mandatory to certain class of companies to file balance sheets and profit and loss account for the year 2010-11 onwards by using XBRL taxonomy. The Financial Statements required to be filed in XBRL format would be based upon the Taxonomy on XBRL developed for the existing Schedule VI, as per the existing, (non converged) Accounting Standards notified under the
Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006. The said Taxonomy is being hosted on the website of the Ministry at www.mca.gov.in shortly.

Coverage in Phase I
The following class of companies have to file the Financial Statements in XBRL Form only from the year 2010-2011 :-
(i) All companies listed in India and their Indian subsidiaries;
(ii) All companies having a paid up capital of Rs. 5 Crore and above or a Turnover of Rs 100 crore or above .

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