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About eXBace

eXBace – An Introduction

eXBace follows the Mantra “BETTER and FASTER”

Better – Accurate, Easy to use, Import and Export facility to almost all formats
Faster – No Rekeying, Instant User Access and most efficient reports for faster information retrieval

• eXBace is a solution for converting and filing Financial Information of the Company in XBRL Format as per MCA mandate
• eXBace is a One Stop Complete XBRL Software - On Document editing/Taging, Quick Viewing, Advance Validating and Finally extensible reporting
• eXBace is an Intelligent Solution that enables automated processing of business information and hence cut out laborious and costly processes of manual re-entry and comparison.
• Improves the overall quality and accuracy of data obtained from companies.
• Reduce potential errors from manual entry through machine transfers of reporting information.
• Increase the speed at which financial decision can be made by analysts, investors, lenders rating agencies etc.


Edge over others

The Best way for XBRL Reporting

 • Help you get it right first time
 • Automate Data entry
 • Allow you to reuse data

eXBace helps on Timeliness

 • Filing before the Due Dates with Accurate Information.

Improved Data Accuracy

 • Validate & Verify before submission
 • Deploy unique set as per MCA Specification
  • More accurate & hence less burden

Simplify Programming Efforts

 • Provide integrated & structured – forms, edits instructions, test data and code
 • No Training Required

More Flexibility

 • Update Report requirement more easily

Add and Edit facilities for footnote.

HTML formatted content for Text Block

Quick Access to Forms through Favorites Panel.

XML Viewer.

Non-Financial Data import from other company.


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