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About eXBace

eXBace – Automation Facilities

eXBace Application is developed in such a manner that the user need not to go for any training. In other words Training need for:
»   Working for XBRL Format
»   Instance Document Preparation as per MCA Schema and Taxonomy
»    Others…

There is totally no requirement for users to grasp even the basic of the above mentioned. User just needs to enter the information related to its Organization (Financial Information) in the respective places and sit back and relax waiting for the perfect output.
eXBace comes with the feature of Auto Calculations, this results in:
»   Eliminate the need of Training
»   Reduced Numbers of Inputs: One Time Entering of Specific data is sufficient
»   Reduced Clerical work
»   Saves Time
»   Increase Accuracy
»   Reduce Per Return Cost




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